Thursday, July 24, 2014

Planning and visualize an RTW Trip

As surely many others, I have previously have planned my trips with Google Maps, which can be a bit notchy, specially if you plan longer trips. Also, it is not possible to share the route comfortable or to discuss individual points of your trip.

Some days ago I read a blog where the travellers had used tripline to visualize their trip through China - and I start to love this project! It is definitively a big time safer, to everyone who plan a big or also shorter trip.

You can not only plan your trip, setting your trip to private or public - you can also add public and private notices to each waypoint, you can discuss your route zu the public or also just friends.

Here is a short summary about the advantages and unique features of this tool, togehter with also a sample route.

The Webinterface is quite clean and allows to work pretty quick. At first you have to create an account, or to signin with your facebook account. After that you can start your new map:

world trip planning and visualize your rtw trip