Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The 10 most important apps for Overlanders

Top 10 iOS Apps for overlanders traveling by 4x4 car
There are many good reasons to take a tablet or smartphone with you when you are on an overlanding trip.

Some of these reasons i try to show you in this article. I hope that there are several apps in this list, who is not currently not on your device. I`m pretty shure about, that there are some new Apps you will like soon.

Some Apps help to do a proper travel statistic, help you to get a good exchange rate, compress the internet traffic or are just there to entertain you.

This tips are for Apple iOS Devices, but you will find most of these Apps too on Android or Windows based devices.

Oanda Currency Converter

The Toplist of Apps: the best 10 Apple iOS Apps for Overlanders
It doesn't matter where you plan to travel - you will often have to fight for a good exchange rate. 

With this oanda currency converter you can enter the amount you want to change, and you get the proper amount in the foreign currency.

If you have internet access (Wifi or 3G) the app update the rate. If you tip on the "rate detail" button, you can see the date and time of the last update.

When you can show the exchange rate and the date of the last rate update - then you could mostly can negotiate an better deal. This way we was very successful to do ague about the rate, from africa to asia.

Oanda Currency Converter at the Appstore