Since i own a Domain and have to write my contact details for legal issues - i guess i have to write a little bit about me.

I`m from Switzerland, growed up at Basel near of the German and French boarder. After 6 years living in foreign countries i did come back and live currently in Zurich. I approach slowly the age of forty years.

Reisen und Leben im Auto, 4x4 und overlanding
I did several travel trips in my life. The travels by car was the most impressive kind of of travels.
At the start i just use Rentals, but with the time i start to dream to travel with my own car, equipped for my needs.
To be able to stay some time where i like to stay, to have all i need with me, a bed, a way to sleep, food and water. So i came to the "over landing" thematic.

To choose a car was a long process. There are many solutions out there, many advantages and disadvantages for each Setup. Sleeping in a Tent, Rooftent, inside of the car? Pickup or Van or SUV?

How many days i want to really want to be able to stay abroad, before i have to go back to civilization? What mods will the car need? Difflocks, Winch or not? Snorkel?

Board battery, shower toilett or not and many other questions has to be answered..

But finally the build was realized and another beautiful part starts - to travel abroad. To be honest, the buildup process is never finished completely, but at a point you be able to start - also when you will continue to approve.

So i watch the market with much attention, new products but too the blog and website of other travelers. I am active in near 20 different web communities and forums, many of them are international.

Therefore i will wrote here about stuff who catch my interests, about other travelers, about gear and equipment, my experiences and about organization and Paperwork - everything wo may help other travelers.
And help myself to collect stuff who is important too for me.  Then i`m lurking for a good timeframe to start the next extended trip! Since then  i will write here - because i like to write :-)
I hope you readers will brings live to this blog, that you help me to discuss themes, that you will write comments to help me and other readers.

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