Sunday, January 5, 2014

Toyota Diagnostic Software & ODB2 Dongle

For all Toyota Drivers i detect something who might interest you. In Ebay and other platforms, a dongle is available, which provides you the access to the ODB2 interface with USB.

I know today are many dongles available who allows you to connect with wifi or bluetooht, alows to read and reset errors.

The trick is that the MINI VCI dongle is compatible with the Techstream software from Toyota, which is kindly also included.

Now I do not know if this is requested by Toyota so, but for us travelers, it is good if we are able to adjust the settings of the vehicles when we are away on a world trip or abroad.

minivci toyota diagnose software with odb2 Dongle ODB2 USB Dongle with Toyota Techstream Software

The Dongle-Driver is compatible to WindowsXP (32 and 64 bit). I had test it with a virtual WindowsXP on my Macbook, running with Paralells.

It works quite well. Here is a Video who shows you the handling of the Software and Dongle:

You can buy the Dongle at sample at Ebay, if you search for "MiniVci" you will find many other sellers on Amazon and so on. I have ordered on Ebay with the link above. The Package had used 8 Days from China.

Like always when you purchase in Ebay you should use Paypal because you get your money back there, if something goes wrong.

Be careful with using this Software, you can also kill something when you set stuff you dont know about.. The use of the Software is pretty easy, but there are many settings we "normal users" have no idea about. But disable the seat belt reminders on the passenger side and other stuff - easy to do.

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