Friday, January 3, 2014

Business in Africa - the last wild west?

A very exciting video about the delivery of anti-mine clearing equipment from South Africa in the Southern Sudan. A lot can happen on these 5,000 kilometers, also happens a lot - and it is well documented ...

Apart bush repairs, accidents and the everyday struggle is illustrated with the bureaucracy and of course the handling of countless police checkpoints with the associated corruption. It's worth the 37 minutes to invest:

The titled here as a cowboy capitalists operate a business in South Sudan which deals with the trade of vehicles and transportation of goods.

Business in Afrika, the last wild west - cowboy capitalism

This site is too exciting for us travelers: Because there are great vehicles in the Africa version, at very competitive prices ... While Toyota Gibraltar does not deliver to private individuals - I guess the Lorryboys would be interested...

If you like do learn more about the sitation in Juba, South Sudan - here is a
Wer mehr über die aktuelle Situation in Juba, Süd Sudan erfahren möchte - here is a very impressive contribution in the Boston Globe.

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