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Since i can remember i love the feeling to start traveling by myself - nothing booked - just an vague idea about the route.

Just to start to plan such a trip let my feels alive, woke up the excitement on the upcoming trip.

I look for a good rental, spent hours in the internet for looking for places i want to see. I spent hours in Google Satellite View to scout a route abroad and outside of the beaten paths. Where are the most adventurous track, where did the known tracks end? Where could be a path who goes further than google or bing knows?

This way i didn't find the tracks i dream of, but this is how you can find them when you are there. Just have an open eye for leaving dirt/single tracks and let the adventure start.. Yes, i like to drive off road,  to wheel where i'm not sure if i can made it. Here some of my travels.

Laos Offroad Trip overlanding reisen 4x4
Laos Tripping

Thailand offroad und overlanding reisen 4x4
Thailand Tripping

USA Tripping Offroad und overlanding reisen 4x4
build my track with stones @ USA Tripping

The carefree travel in a rented car has many advantages, because no matter what happens - you are only liable for your deposit, whatever will happens. But that you can not even stand on the beautiful spots for a few days, is a big disadvantage. Also that you don't have the equipment who are helpful for this kind of trips.

After some trips with rentals in laos, thailand, cuba and the us and sleeping in hotels, guesthouses and sometimes too in a police station i could fulfill my dream - the buildup of a own car for over landing purpose. Equipped what it need when you want to travel the world.

My first trip leads me to africa. From Zurich to Cape town, just my girlfriend and me - as single car --- definitively the best trip so far!

Transafrica: Afrika Offroad
Afrika Tripping

Transafrika 4wd tripping offroad und overlanding reisen 4x4
Afrika Tripping

The comfort of camping with an tent, has never been able to persuade me. Unfortunately! Then this is the cheapest option to overland by 4x4.

Therefore i decide me to sleep inside of the car. I`m shure i will write after a while too about myself and about my buildup. Let me some time to leave some shyness behind.

It was a great feeling to have everything to do extended travels as single car, winch, ground anchor, difflocks, maxtrax, snorkel and a well sorted recovery gear! It let me stay relaxed on challenging back country tracks, i know i can winch me out! On the other hand there was not just the "rental deposit" what i was risking there, a new feeling.

To be able to stay everywhere i want, to setup a camp - what for a great feeling!

Please don't think i`m a professional and skilled 4wd wheeler or traveller - just because i like that stuff. I'm still learning how to get better, like most of you too i guess.

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