Saturday, August 29, 2020

Vanlife / Overlanding - meet other travelers

How can we meet other travelers?  I'll answer this question here in detail, peppered with experience

Regardless of whether you are traveling alone or as a couple, whoever is free or is camping in the wild is looking forward to a sociable evening after a few days of seclusion.

The more one is in the distance, on the Silk Road or a Trans-Africa, the current security situation, simple border crossings or a general exchange would be quite helpful.

Travelers find gatherings, a meetup and socializing.  Regardless of whether you are single or as a couple - society is simply good for you!Barbecue together, a cozy get-together around the campire, a hiss of a beer, badminton or a card game - there are a lot of things that are fun in a larger group. Or only becomes possible in a larger group.

A campsite would of course also do this, but depending on the travel area there is no appealing place nearby - or the crowds of people overwhelm you after a few days of seclusion.

How can you meet other travelers? Here is a list of ways to get in touch with other travelers: