Saturday, August 29, 2020

Vanlife / Overlanding - meet other travelers

How can we meet other travelers?  I'll answer this question here in detail, peppered with experience

Regardless of whether you are traveling alone or as a couple, whoever is free or is camping in the wild is looking forward to a sociable evening after a few days of seclusion.

The more one is in the distance, on the Silk Road or a Trans-Africa, the current security situation, simple border crossings or a general exchange would be quite helpful.

Travelers find gatherings, a meetup and socializing.  Regardless of whether you are single or as a couple - society is simply good for you!Barbecue together, a cozy get-together around the campire, a hiss of a beer, badminton or a card game - there are a lot of things that are fun in a larger group. Or only becomes possible in a larger group.

A campsite would of course also do this, but depending on the travel area there is no appealing place nearby - or the crowds of people overwhelm you after a few days of seclusion.

How can you meet other travelers? Here is a list of ways to get in touch with other travelers:

There is a new app especially for us travelers (Vanlife / Overlanding): Travelers Map "

Howto meet other travelers?  How do I meet other travelers during vanlife or overlanding tours?

Other travelers are displayed on Google Maps with a desired inaccuracy of 10km (without being centered). This is for the safety of the users and to prevent other travelers from suddenly appearing with you. The app only briefly activates the GPS every three hours, so it doesn't consume a lot of electricity.

If you click on a traveler, you can see their profile, including their country of origin, name and vehicle, see the uploaded photos and can contact them via chat - if you want. Other users also see and can contact you accordingly. In your profile you can introduce yourself and upload pictures.

I finally want to meet other Vanlife / Overlanding travelers!

If you want to meet a traveler after a few chat lines, you can add him to your favorites (heart symbol) and tell him the exact location.

The fact that you can see and contact other travelers on the map is a huge advantage. Regardless of whether you meet in person, you can, for example, exchange ideas about the current travel situation, worthwhile travel destinations, uncomplicated border crossings, visa situation and much more. Even with the current Corona Lockdown, this would have simplified communication between travelers in the area, from container sharing to accommodation.

You can also get together for joint activities, rafting, kayaking wherever a few more people are needed before the tour is even carried out. Usually there is also someone in a larger group who does not want to participate and can then keep an eye on the vehicles.

Not just dating: how do I meet other Vanlifers or Overlanders on the go? The developers have been on long journeys (Stans, Russia, Iran) and have found that they are missing something. In her blog you will find great travel reports and also deeper details about the app, very exciting to read.

Of course it costs something to place the app in the app stores and the two of them are looking for ways to finance it. A subscription model is being considered here if you need more than 10 messages per day.

The app is brand new - and your wishes for new functions are taken into account.

The "Traveler Map" app is available for Android / iOS in your app store:

A great app with which you can meet other like-minded travelers who are also on the move with the travel vehicle! Whether vanlife or overlanding - in the end we all sleep in our vehicle!

In the other ways to break up with others , you will meet locals, city travelers, backpackers and expats - which is also exciting. But traveling with the same travel style, besides being sociable, you can also have a helpful exchange on equipment and other travel topics.

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