Monday, January 20, 2014

Sleeping inside of the car, Overlanding with comfort

In this article I want to highlight only the possibility to sleep in the SUV, because a bigger focus is beyond the scope of a single article.  There are so many options that it is just to much to write about: there are still the other vehicle formats, vans, pickups, trucks, sleeping in a roof tent, folding roofs, pop-up roofs, caravan fittings, Trailer, simple tents, which vehicle choice as such, and much more...

Even with the off-road-vehicle choice you will define a lot about the available space.

In most makes of the internal height is not sufficient to be able to sit comfortably at a table inside, but there is always a way to at least plenty of storage space and a nice deck area to create a kind of minimal expansion sleeping area. Maybe these samples and links helps you to find a good solution for yourself.

4x4 Camper with sleeping area.  Interior construction SUV, sleeping platform, drawer system

Always try to see the advantages and disadvantages of any setup. You have to sort out some of these solutions because there are just too many.

4x4 travel vehicle, remote motorhomes for overlanding  Expedition vehicles, four-wheel RVs, world exploring motorhomes

Depending on the vehicle length and the square of the front seats must be taken in fitting, ie, the seats must be folded to the front / rear to get a decent sleep platform.

SUV 4x4 camper, sleeping plattform, overlanding To expand 4x4 vehicle inside itself

But they do exist, the examples with seating and table, most seen in bush taxis (Land Cruiser) or large Land Rovers..

Sleeping in the SUV, expansion possibilities and options Lying surface with ice box and folding table for overlanding

Inspiration looks very important to me. Therefore, I give here probably best my collection of links for the best.

wheeling and 4x4. Overlanding of it bests!  Travel vehicles, camping expansion, expedition mobile, travel, vehicle, camper

It is definitively worth to look for Overland Expo or Meetups where you can watch the real cars of the overlanders - and not just to study online.

Also to start a discussion in a Community like the could help you a lot. Because there are many others with the same dream - maybe some one has already tried out what you want. Maybe it saves you a lot of money, when you don't have to made every misleading experience by your own.

Anyone that you will be questioned about your ideas look with his perspective and view as the whole, so expect no consensus. Nevertheless, these discussions are a great asset because you will encounter a wide experience in the forums

But the decision will not be taken off you, it's finally about how will you travel. You do not end up building what others would. All extensions are unique - not expected that others would like to build like you did or like you plan to build.

And most important: don`t try to bring all the luxury stuff you had at home - into your build. You will end with an car who is to heavy to drive abroad.

Fernreisemobil, Offroad Reisen, Overlanding Setup

Look how much it really need. A car, a tent, some kitchen gear and you are ready. Just add that what is most important to you.

Here you will find many Builds a pure inspiration:

Wüstenschiff Innenausbau-Beispiele
Buschtaxi Forum - J7 Innenausbau
ih8mud-Forum Sleeping Setups
foro4x4-Forum Ausbau Beispiele
Expeditionsportal 4x4 Ausbau
forum4x4 Sleeping Plattforms

Here some more generic ideas about how other camps look linke:

Offroad Forum - zeigt eure Behausung
Expeditionsportal Campsite Pictures
ih8mud-Forum Expo Builds

And here an Expeditionsportal Thread about drawers and boxes:

Expeditionsportal Schubladen Systeme

I hope you will got some nice ideas and hints!

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