Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bing vs Google vs OVI - satellite view comparison

Since there are Apps like MotionX on the iPad who allows us to add Custom Tile Server for Downloading, it is time to compare the quality of the different Providers like Google, Bing and

On the iPad it is MotionX GPS and several and other Apps who are able to download satellite images for offline usage, under Android there are Locus Pro and AlpineQuest GPS.

Want to say that we are able now to use offline Satellite Images. But wich provider has the best quality of images? This kind of Navigation is helpful abroad, where you don't have any road gps coverage. Because of this i had select an area in Cameroon in africa as comparison spot.

At first i start with Bing Satellite-Hybrid view, what means with road overlay. Here i could zoom more tham showed here, it allows me to detect Villages and too single Houses.

satellite view compare between Bing, Google, Ovi Navtec
Bing Maps

As next i try Google. The resolutions is maxed out here - no chance to see single houses.

download satellite images for offline use, quality comparison
Google Maps

As next i try, with has Ovi / Nevtec Source. This was near the same than Google - not very good..

compare satellite view from google, bing, here (ovi) quality review
OVI Maps

To see the difference you have to click on the images, to see the differences in a better way. Like you see the big quality winner is Microsoft with Bing, who delivers much more details and a higher zoom level. Below of each Image you find the directlink to compare it yourself.

Google on the other side, has use the Satellite-Images to make an much more adequate Road layer who follow the jungle tracks - and not the planned way who should be there in many years.

To be honest, this comparison looks completely different, depending on the target you like to travel.

If you want the best satellite images available you have to compare by yourself for the given area you want to travel.

There is one bad point on this writeup - there is no tile-server available who delivers Bing Hybrid tiles. Therefore we only can download the satellite Images there. I hope some of you readers here know about a tile Server for the Hybrid Source?

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