Sunday, May 18, 2014

China crossings 2014/2015: traveller searching travellers to share costs

china crossing selfdrive with your own vehicle. Do you plan to cross china as selfdriver with your own vehicle? Or do you want to travel China and connect you to a group in order to reduce costs? Then you are right here - I'm trying to keep a list of those who are planning such a trip for the years 2014 / 2015.Herewith I try to help you travelers to come easily into contact with each other to find the similar plan. Probably this links helps you too, if you just have start to plan that trip, as often mentioned costs , routes and travel agencies and guides and are listed in detail.

You can send in your call via "add comment" feature . For this purpose, you should a link to your blog or to a forum thread, so that others can reach you easily. But i cannot prove this travellers

Selfdrive china crossing, travellers searching travellers to share costs.

But  I cannot prove that travellers, the seriousness of inquiries and travelers, tour groups or organizers, so please use normal caution.

From Europe to Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan to China)

2014 September

2014 September

2014 October

2014 August

From Asia to Europe (Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Tibet, India, Myanmar to Europe)

2014 Mai (schon vorbei?)

2014 Now

2014 Now

2014 Summer

2014 not scheduled jet

2014 Juli

2015 Avril

I  will add any traveller query of a webforum i read, and try to maintain this list.Of course I am glad for your help. So when you read some travellers who search for a group or try to build a group - it would be nice if you would post that link with the "add comment" feature.

For scheduled Myanmar / Burma crossings for self drive I will create a separate article. A list of completed Myanmar crossings are already online, in our german part of the blog.

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  1. Hello,
    We'll be travelling cross China from Mongolia to Laos in september 2015 and are currently looking for other vehicules to share the costs. we'll drive a RV.
    please make a sign if anybody interested !
    Maryline, France