Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spectacular roads and tracks around the world

beautiful and dangerous tracks and roads worldwideSomething lurid is the domain name "Dangerous Roads", because actually it 's more about routes and tracks that are exceptional. Who offers an exceptional experience.

For example there are listened the Furka, Albula and Gotthard pass among others, just normal streets but with a beautiful environment.

Of course, we know all our surroundings well enough to know such routes . But abroad that already looks very different. Do you know extraordinary routes in Croatia? In Peru or Angola ?
Therein lies the strength of the site that still has some gaps , of course, depending on the country . For example, Laos was not detected , even in Africa there is still much to do .

But everyone can help to close the gaps. For many routes more images are available , sometimes links to Google Maps or Wikipedia are included .

beautiful and spectacular roads and tracks around the world
This Websit can help you to find some pleaces, you maybe didnt find without, when you are planning a panamerica at sample. Or also when you just plan an USA Roadtrip by a rental.

In addition to the travel planning in the distance , the website can also tempt to various gravel roads, sometimes not so far away. Who knows, maybe also you will soon be myself once a route before that you liked ?

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