Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Transafrica: Ideas made in Africa

Transafrica Ideas made in Africa
A refreshingly different facet of Africa illuminate the three travelers of "Ideas Made in Africa". The three students are traveling with a Mitsubishi L300 4x4 on Africa's west route. Currently they reach Cameroon on their Trans Africa journey.

On their way to get in contact with company founders and local start-ups. Contact with young Africans who make self-employed with their idea.

Where most travelers rather seeking privacy, or rather search in small villages in contact with the local people, immerse yourself these three travelers, in the bustling cities, conduct interviews with young entrepreneurs, illuminate their everyday life, corporate structure and business idea.

over landing journey through west africaAfrican startups and self employment projects
4x4 over landing trip through africaStarting an business in africa, startups and economic situation

The three along the way are well equipped to document their research trip in image sound and video. The three students will use the experiences and research result for they university degree. This fact opens many doors for them and creates contacts and points that they can visit.

We readers can look at a different perspective to africa, while reading here, really a new facet. Photos from the cities , from a bird perspective grant date from Africa rather unusual insights .

The trip reports are written thrilling, let a dip - and at least for me a little admiration comes to how fearlessly they move through the African business world.

To raise additional funds for their journey , the three also go for a Overlander still quite unfamiliar way : through a crowdfunding platform they are on to be generated 3000 Euro .

As a supporter of the project, you can get different things depending by the amount of contributions: from a postcard to a photo book , a dinner or a lecture.

Die Website / Travel-Blog:

The Crowdfunding Projekt at startnext

Currently their crowd funding project just started - they got 340 Euro of the 3000 who are required. I hope they will get everything together.

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