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Howto reach the eastern route of africa

This article shows how you can reach the eastroute of africa as self driver. How you can reach or avoid egypt. You can read an many places that it is not possible today, therefore I try to show here what options are known and give you links to travelblogs where the travellers had choosen that option.

east route border crossings with 4x4. Howto reach or avoid egypt on the east route

There are actually severall options

- Arrival across Tunesia and Libya
- Arrival across the ferry from Turkey to Egypt (Iskenderun, Damietta)
- Arrival across the Taba border at Israel / Egypt (not by 4x4)
- Arrival across the Nuweiba border, ferry Jordan - Egypt (not by 4x4)
- Avoiding Egypt (bypassing via Jordan via Jordan/Sudan and Saudi-Arabia/Sudan
- Shipping the car from Jordan (Container) to Egypt (Sokhna)
  (Shipping will give you many more options anyway)

The problem of 4x4 vehicles are just at the sinai, from Israel and Jordan borders. From Lybia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Sudan you can enter Egypt too by 4x4.

Here is a List of travelers who did that borders recently, where you can optain fresh experiences about border crossings, bureaucracy, Visas and Paperwork generally.
From Europa to Israel by ferry, with a 2nd Passport to Jordan,  then with the ferry to Egypt (Aqaba - Nuweiba)
a supplementary sheet can be stamped instead of using a 2nd Passport, you don't need a carnet for Israel

Europa - Israel (Eilat) and directly to Egypt  (Taba)
Showstopper: No 4×4’s allowed at the Taba Border

Europa - Israel - Jordan (Aqaba) - ferry to egypt (Nuweiba)
Showstopper: Satellite phone to Jordanien - generelly GPS Devices

Turkey to Iran then ferry (Bandar Abbas, Sharjah (VAE)), SA (shipping)

Turkey Iran, VAE, Shipping to Dschibuti

Lydia to Egypt
Showstopper: DJI Phantom Quadcopter with Kamera

With the ferry (Iskenderun) - Egypt (Damietta)
Damietta to Port Said September 2014 July 2014 July 2014 März 2014
Direktlink to the ferry

Saudi-Arabien (Jeddah) to Port Sudan

From Sudan to Greek
Port Sudan to Piräus, September 2013

Aqaba, Jordan - Port Sudan, Sudan

From Jordan to Eqypt (Container from Aqabe - Sokhna)

From Aquaba to Port Sudan
They get rejected with a 4x4 at Aquabe, Taba and Saudi Arabia (Jiddah)

Overland egypt by 4x4. Which options are available. From Border crossings till shipments.

I hope i could show you readers, that there are several options to do the east route of africa. That it is not that complicate that it looks like.

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