Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ferry between Iskenderun - Port Said / eastroute 2014

After an pretty inconsistent informations about the unroro ferry between Iskenderun and Damietta I`m glad to tell here, that there is an alternative arround.

An option who was available at the past is running since a while, the ferry "Cenk Y" who runs between turkey (Iskenderun) and Egypt (Port Said):

The new ferry between Turkey and Egypt (Port Said and Damietta)
The ferry CENK Y, Source:

The ferry operates regularly and directly between Iskenderun and Port Said. You can see the current location, Speed and Target Harbor under this livetracking link:

The Ship is built at 1970 and is under turkey flag. It is tagged as Roro/Passenger Ship, so that we Overlanders can travel with the ship and don`t have to use a airplane. If you look at the Pictures who are provided by Marinetraffic it can also handle big trucks, what is nice for these readers who use a an bigger expedition truck

The Informations about the Ferry who are currently available are pretty poor. Also the Website of the operator dont show much informations:

But you can find travellers who use the ferry recently: Thread @ Hubb... I guess these guys did use the same "fixer" who is named at this Thread @ W├╝stenschiff in a Thread from 2012.

The Repport about the last ports used by the ferry, let us hope that we have a new stable line again:

Ferry Turkey-Eqypt 2014, Damietta to Port Said for 4x4 and trucks
I will collect any informations about the travellers who are writing a blog/website and are crossing egypt under this link

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