Friday, April 4, 2014

Offroad training and school

These Videos are made at the famous 80s. They show us, how we have to use our cars on different terrains. In the beautiful australian landscape we can see how these beautiful old cars do their job! The Video teach us the basics of Offroad driving in a good way.

I guess also skilled drives find some reasons to watch these Videos besides of the cars and the funny hairstyle.

I think many of us travelers drive off road because they have to do it, to reach their targets. Not because they love to drive offroad. So they have to learn to drive off road during their trip.

Because of this we have these myths about these hardcore off road tracks in Cameroon and the Congo`s. Because they are heavy if you are not trained for these terrain.
If you had some experiences, you like to drive off road these tracks are fun and not really dangerous.

Offroad driving scool.  4x4 on mud, sand, snow - how to do off road wheeling

Inexperienced Drivers will choose there a wrong driving style, the wrong speed and take there to much risk. Therefore: try your car before you start your big trip. The local Offroad Clubs they will be happy to train you and help you to be prepared.

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